Themes and Projects

Since 1995 over 300 different projects have been resolved for more than 50 customers. Some thousand focus groups, IDIs, TDIs, handling- and folder-tests were held with GPs, specialists of all kind, KOLs, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, nurses, doctror’s receptionists, x-ray technicians, medical technical assistants, laboratory assistants, patients and their relatives, expectant mothers, medical controlers, health-insurance staff, etc.

Many of this projects included the analysis and interpretation of market research data or even the total logistic and organisational execution of the entire survey. It has been worked upon more than a hundret different themes and indiactions from nearly all medical fields. Also some non-medical themes such as automobile, media, consumer goods and brand articles had been covered.

See the following excerpts of medical an health care themes:

Pharmacuetical / Disease realted

ACE-Inhibitor * Acne * ADHD * Adiposis * Alzheimer’s disease * Analgesic plaster * Angina pectoris * Angio edema (HAE) * Antibiotics * Anticoagulants * Antihistamines * Antihypertensives * Antipsychotics * Apoplexy * Asthma * Atrophy * Autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI)

Basal cell carcinoma * Bone marrow transplantation * Brain tumors

Cardiac insufficiency * Cardiogenic shock * Climacterical complaints * Colitis * Colorectal carcinoma * COPD * Crohn’s dieaese * CSE inhibitors * Cytostasis

Dermatological agents * Diabetic neuropathy

Endometriosis * Eyedrops

Fibromyalgia * Fracture healing

Gastroenterological disorders * Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) * Glaucoma * Groth disturbance * Groth hormons

Heart rhythm disorder * Hemophilia * Heparin prophylaxis * Hepatitis C * HIV * Hormone plaster * Hypertention * Hypnotics * Hyperactive bladder

Immunosuppressor * Incontinence * Infarct prophylaxis * Infertility * Influenza rapid test * Influenza therapeutics * Insulin

Kidney cell carcinoma * Kidney transplantation

Labial herpes * Libido deficiancy * Lung cancer * Lupus Erythematodes * Lymphoma

Macular degeneration * Mammary cancer * Melanoma * Mesothelioma * Migraine * Multiple Sclerosis (MS) * Mycosis

Neurodermatits * Neuropathic pain

Osteoporosis * Ovarial cancer

Pain reliever * Parkinson’s disease * Periodontosis *Positronen-Emission-Tomography (PET) * Postmenopausale discomfort * Potency disorder * Prokinetic agents * Prostate carcinoma * Prostatic hyperplasia * Proton pump inhibitors (PPI) * Psoriasis

Reflux esophagitis * Restless legs * Rheumatic arthritis

Schizophrenia * Styptics

Thrombosis prophylaxis * Tumor anaemia

Ulcus ventriculi et deodeni * Urinary tract infections

Vaccinations * Verminosis (in animals)

Weight reduction * Wound care

Technical devices

Blood sugar measurement

Coagulations analyser * Computerised Tomography

Endoscopy devices

Insulin-Pens * Insulin Pumps

Mammography devices

Nursing aids

Opthalmological devices * Orthopaedic implants

Plasmapheresis * Prefilled syringes

Robotic in surgery

Surgical drainagen * Surgical sewing devices

Health care system / Economy / Marketing

Ambulantory Psychiatry

Client Magazines (Pharmacies)

Economic aspects in oncology

Health insurance companies * Health prophylaxis

Images of pharmaceutical manufacturers * Internet use in physicians offices

Profitability in hospitals

Reimbursement of new drugs * Rx to OTC Switch

Sales representatives: Satisfaction with new service concepts for GPs





Screenings during pregnancy and for babies